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    Silverlight is a new technology from Microsoft which makes the web-sites more dynamic and interactive. Colizeeum Technology provides development services for rich internet applications (RIA) based on Microsoft's Silver light technology. Silver light is a cross platform and cross browser implementation of .NET for building and delivering the next generation of media experience and rich interactive application for the web.

    Our Silver light developer deliver Web applications that include rich content such as 2D/3D animation, rich Designs, reports in graph presentations. Due to browser independent, Silverlight-enabled applications allows us to develop solutions that are cross-browser and cross-platform. We deliver a new interactive experience with our applications.

    We are provider of RIA development services on a global level and we build Silverlight applications that deliver a high level of functionality and a great user experience.

    Silverlight application can help you in following areas:

    • Presentations and Reports
    • Web Widgets
    • Market Surveys
    • Software as a Service (SaaS) applications
    • Silverlight Control development

    Programming Languages and Tools:

    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008-2010
    • Microsoft Silverlight 3-4
    • Microsoft Expression Blend
    • Microsoft Expression Design

    The application migration from a ASP.Net to Silverlight application platform has made it easier to write more scalable and better performing applications which are easy to deploy once the Silverlight plug-in has been installed. Microsoft Silverlight development is widely used today by most of the companies because it has the technical and commercial backing of the Microsoft. Silverlight application development has its own advantages.

    Benefits of Silverlight:

    • Silverlight applications support cross platform and cross browser.
    • The plug-in is comparatively light, weighing just a few megabytes.
    • Silverlight also has a browser plug-in but still needs to reach at pace with flash.
    • supports asynchronous calls with web services or WCF.
    • Silverlight the ability to update itself automatically.
    • Flawless and high speed audio/ video streaming and High resolution images.

    Our Silver Light Development Company have highly qualified, Experienced and skilled developed of Silver light who build Silver light applications that deliver a high level of functionality and a great user experience with 2D/3D effect. Our Silver light consultants will help you throughout the entire application production life cycle defining your business/firm and technical requirements, and designing and delivering the rich internet application(RIA) that meets your company’s needs and goals.