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    Colizeeum Technology produces and delivers custom solutions on Oracle platforms. Our Java EE / .Net developers have sustainable experience in the development of enterprise software systems for entertainment, financial, travel and other industries:

    • Web Applications
    • Portals
    • Oracle RDBMS solutions for data storage, retrieval and processing

    We can help customers evaluate different technology opportunities. Colizeeum Java EE / .Net consultants have an extensive knowledge of other open-source and commercial Oracle competitors. Before development, we research and recommend the best platform for each custom solution.

    Our service package addresses unique and diverse customer needs to ease through every stage of a solutions implementation. Our Oracle consultants perform requirements analysis and assist with product selection. The developers help to realize ideas and support the developed solution. We provide:

    • Design and development of web applications and enterprise solutions using Oracle products
    • Porting legacy systems to Oracle Java/J2EE & .Net platform.
    • Expert evaluation and matching of Oracle products to customer's problems; recommending solution design.
    • Independent assessment of advantages and disadvantages of using Oracle comparing to its competitors in the
      areas of databases, Java/J2EE & .Net

    Oracle Developers Experience:

    1) Portal Porting:
      Porting and enhancement of a popular web portal built.

    2) Data Integration:
      Software used to transform external unstructured data into the established format.

    3) Asset Management:
      Web-based repository for uploading, saving, and retrieval of media files.

    Oracle Development Services:

    As you implement, deploy and use enterprise applications, you may find that some of your business processes are not fully supported. In such a case, you will need to customize your installation to cater to the missing processes.

    We specialize in building customizations in the following latest technologies of Oracle Applications
    • Oracle Applications Framework (OAF)
    • Applications Development Framework (ADF)
    • Mobile Web Application Framework (MSCA/MWA)
    • Forms / Reports
    • Workflow