• Data Warehousing

    Business Intelligence:

    • Data Mining
    • Data Warehousing
    • Data Integration

    Data Mining:

    Data Mining is the methodology to transform Data into Information. In another words, Data Mining is the way to extract useful and important data from the original data source, and this useful data thus known as Information. Usually the outcome of data mining is data in specific pattern filtered out under certain rules.

    Data Mining Software or Tool is just an automated solution work for classification and grouping of data so that a business can have real information on business facts.

    Data mining software works for extracting useful information out of the Data whereas Business Intelligence Software or say BI applications helps organization and its top level management to use the important statistics for future planning and management. Data Mining and Business Intelligence together gives the more insight of past data beyond warehousing.

    Data Mining Software Solution allows statistical predictions, grouping and classification of data which are in fact useful to an organization or business.

    When customized Data Mining Software Solution is implemented on high performance hardware topological platforms such as client/server or parallel processing computers, it can analyze massive databases and can provide future predictions to many of the management queries with combining to Business Intelligence Software.

    Data mining software solutions helps in many different areas of Business structure such as CRM, HR, Sales and many others. Business Intelligence is all about analyzing the past for better prediction of future, which data mining is the way to classify the data so that important facts can be keep aside from bunch of data.

    Data Warehousing:

    The main purpose behind designing the data warehouses is to facilitate any organization with data for analysis and future predictions. Data warehouses are basically the repository of functional and non- functional data of an organization. Being more specific warehousing means to load, retrieve, extract, transform and manage the Meta data. Data warehouses are supposed to be speedier and optimized in retrieval, which is a core thing for any data warehouse.

    Any large scale system which is producing bunch of data use to maintain big warehouses and further they apply Business Intelligence Software on them to process them by data mining to get certain statistics. This statistics are used for planning and future prediction along with cost-benefit analysis.

    Components of Date Warehousing Business Intelligence Systems:

    • Data Integration (extraction, transforming & loading)
    • Data Warehouse
    • Data Mining and Analysis / Query & Reporting
    • Business Intelligence & Business Performance Management

    Business Intelligence Data Warehousing Widely Known as BIDW Consist of Few Operations in it

    • Gathering of Raw Data
    • Optimization of Information
    • Data Mining and Query Generation
    • Making Strategically Business Decisions
    • Business Performance Tracking

    Data Warehousing Software solutions gives benefit to a company in getting their data managed with integrity and prompt retrieval. Basically Data Warehousing Software, Data Mining Software and Business Intelligence Software work in association as to serve an organization from data gathering to decision making.

    Understanding the storage and retrieval needs, Colizeeum software gives every data warehousing project a perfect touch in development. It is our common practice to deliver software with high performance and optimized coding structure. Software development and delivery is done by highly qualified and proficient developers. We deliver project only after once it gone through our tough testing standard successfully.

    Data Integration:

    The amount of data companies encapsulate has increased extensively over the past few years – and it is becoming more and more arduous for organizations to figure out how to manage this growth. Data Integration trials, such as data management, controlling data growth, protecting data privacy, data migration and data quality are major areas of concern.

    Organizations must ensure that their architecture can handle the data growth, ensure performance, and at the same time retain the highest possible quality. With continuous overhaul of costs, businesses must continue to simplify infrastructures and reduce overhead, cost and complexity.

    Colizeeum’s Data Integration team undertakes the method of integrating data by providing capabilities for enterprise data access and processing across systems and platforms. Colizeeum also understands that the criticality of ensuring integrated data quality, which is pivotal to providing accurate, consistent information.

    The crux of data integration inside the organization is the ease with which a solution concurs with and complements the multifaceted systems. The progress of information within applications is imperative for business processes in order to enhance tactical units in an organization. This gives a crystal clear view of the data in decision making circumstances. This in turn helps in a more effective data integration enabling better management decisions, moderating risks and improving productivity and operational efficiency.