• Recent trends in the global IT scenario show that companies have to shell out a huge part of their budget on the software maintenance and a big share of human resources in the form of skilled workers to the day to day software maintenance of the existing systems in order to keep pace with the ever changing application maintenance requirements. Colizeeum Technology can help you cut costs at such crucial situations.

    Colizeeum Technology Information’s offers you the most efficient ongoing application maintenance and software development solutions at very reasonable costs. The software support and application maintenance team at Colizeeum Technology can successfully integrate our solutions to your system with the aid of cutting edge technology.

    Colizeeum Technology believes in easier vendor upgrades that can help clients to meet the application maintenance and servicing challenges at an unbelievably reduced cost. Colizeeum Technology Information’s combines perfect business understanding, well-run technical expertise and profound process knowledge and experience to follow a three step approach in handling software and application maintenance.

    Remedial Maintenance:
    Colizeeum Technology provides corrective and remedial software maintenance to vendor fixes round the clock with a very functional help desk that reports.

    Perfective Maintenance:
    Colizeeum Technology can cut down the cost of using a corrective software maintenance process in the near future. We can help you pick out any existing defects and faults in the system that may be a cause of worry and concern later on.

    Adaptive Maintenance:
    Colizeeum Technology helps business vendors to move with the times. We have the requisite skills to add enhancements and other functional extensions that can expose you to a wider market.

    Software application maintenance process is an important step under Application Development Process.